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Wishing Goat

Fondly known as the "Good Luck Goat", Etawah goats in UK Agro Resort were brought from Indonesia. Touching on the history, President Sukarno brought the purebred Jamnapari goats from Etawah, Uttar Pradesh India to Indonesia for cross breeding purposes in the year 1947. Remarkably, the white Etawah goats can only be bred in Senduro, a village located at the foot of a volcano. According to local farmers, Etawah goats can grow to a very large size, up to 170kg.
Apart from providing highly nutritious meat and milk, Etawah goats also brought good luck and peace to the farmers. The story behind this was, in 1956 there was a volcanic eruption in Senduro. More than 1000 people died in that disaster, however 30 Etawah goats’ farmers were safe.

At present, Wishing Goat as the guardian of UK Agro Resort. We hope our Wishing Goat will bring good luck and peace of the lives to the tourists who come to visit.