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Goat Milking Process Center

There is a milking center in the UK Agro resort became one of the must-visit by a visitor. At this milking center, you can see how milk can be processed. We also got the certification of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) which complies and meets the highest standards in all aspects of the quality of milk production. Addition, our fresh milk in the UK Agro Resort is the first one and the only one who get the certified from HACCP in Malaysia.
We also received recognition and certificate from the HALAL Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim). Visitors can come here and try to taste the fresh milk . We also sell fresh milk and products based on milk in this milking center. Come on UK Agro Resort now because we provide a wide range of quality products and the best of the best services to you.

HACCP certificate
HALAL certificate