Goat’s Milk straight from our production – there is nothing fresher than this. We have strived to bring you the best flavours – Original, Chocolate, Yogurt and Red Dates.
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UK Farm Fresh Goat’s Milk is fresh pasteurized from pure goat milk and processed according to HACCP procedure and HALAL requirement. It is good for your diet and helps to increase your antibody for a healthier life.

• Helps and improve digestive system
• Lower in lactose
• Plenty of calcium
• Blood pressure friendly
• Lower in cholesterol
• Has more prebiotic

UK Farm goat’s milk is free from preservative, making it only last for 2 weeks in the fridge but once you open the bottle, it can only last for 2 days.

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Shipping Info

UK Farm can only send orders to street addresses in Malaysia.
Goat’s Milk is only available in West Malaysia due to its limitation in freshness.

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